Grand Master Ark Y Wong


Grand Master Ark Yuey Wong was born in Canton China, 1902.  He started practicing kung fu at the age of seven under 14 masters.  Sil Lum (Shaolin)Chief Monk Pang, Sil Lum disciples Lam Ark Fun and Ho Yeng gave him inspiration to the completion of Southern Sil Lum Five Family/Animal Style.  He then earned a master title in a kung fu tournament held in Canton, China.  He taught kung fu in his home village for a short period of time; then migrated to USA at early 20's to live with his uncle.   His uncle was a Chinese doctor, Wong acquired the skill of Chinese herbal, and acupuncture healing from him.  During the 20's to 60's, kung fu learning was available to Chinese only, and mostly in Chinese tongs and associations.  Since Chinese have many festivities and cultural beliefs; therefore the art of lion and dragon dance were taught to accommodate kung fu demonstration.  Many Chinese benefited from Wong's kung fu lessons during the 40's and 50's when he stayed in San Francisco, Stockton and Oakland.  His final relocation was Los Angeles; besides running a herb store and getting involved in Chinese community activities; he made a decision to experiment open kung fu teaching to the general public which was successful.   But because of cultural differences; he guarded the system inner core with reservation as instructed by his teachers.  During his 30 years of kung fu teaching, many people entered the school; especially during and after the TV kung fu series, and Bruce Lee kung fu movie era.  But so many of them did not have the determination to complete the entire course.  Throughout his life, Grand Master Wong had achieved many accomplishments including, as a pioneer kung fu instructor in USA, contribution to society with his Chinese medical knowledge, participated in Chinese commerce and cultural exchange.  In the field of kung fu, because of his effort, Five Family/Animal Style had prospered worldwide.  Although he passed away in 1987, he is remembered by many in heart.